Wesser Top to Toe Foaming Wash

Tên sản phẩm : Wesser Top to Toe Foaming Wash
Mã SP : TBTGW50001
Loại: Body Wash

Giá bán:

199,000 VND

- Origin: Korea
- Capacity: 500ml
* Specialty:
- Smart foaming nozzle
- 12 natural ingredients
- Soft foam and total perfect combination of shampoo and body wash
- Gentle scent helps baby relaxed after activities
* Signature ingredients:
- Rice extract: hydrate skin, help skin appear plumper and firmer
- Ginseng root extract: nourish skin cells from deep inside
- Soy bean extract: help soften and soothe skin. Nutrition supplements in soy bean also reduce red spots on skin.
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