Multi-purpose Brush

Tên sản phẩm : Multi-purpose Brush
Loại: Cleaning tool

Giá bán:

70,000 VND

- Use high-quality sponge manufactured following German technology which has excellent durability

- Which help clean out dirt without scratching the bottle. (Using brush which has hard sponge to clean will make bottle easy to be scratched. After a while of using, bacteria will build up in the scratch and cause harm to bottle and baby health)

- With high elasticity, sponge will cover all inside the bottle or nipple and wipe dirt out perfectly.

- One big side for cleaning bottle, and small side for cleaning nipple.

- Convenient to clean for all styles narrow neck bottle


- Be advised to use brush with Wesser foam cleanser to improve cleansing effect.
- Keep in dry, cool place and away from fire and direct sunlight.
- Do not boil product.

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